Below is a collection of links to the various sources of the love spells.

Carry a rabbits foot for good fortune and to bring in the winnings.

If you are part of a Love Triangle, look no further, this is the spell for you.

If the two of you live together for instance, washing their clothes with a sprinkling of love bath crystals in the rinse water should become as second nature to you.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery (lusty) loving energies into them.

The sound of pulling up a mandrake can drive a person insane. To avoid this fate, tie a dog to the plant to pull it up for you

Tie one of your dirty socks to one of his dirty socks and put it under the bed with the foot part facing away from the door.

Carry deer tongue leaves in a red silk pouch for luck in love.

The basic ingredient for this spell as outlined above is a nest, and you can either use an old abandoned nest (do not take or destroy for any reason a nest that is being used by birds) or alternatively create your own.

A familiar is a specific, individual creature with whom you have established a psychic bond. Of course, the limits the creatures with which you can magickally interact. What if your magick requires a rhinoceros or crocodile? What if it requires a dragon or unicorn?

Open all the windows and ask for nature’s blessings: promise to honor nature more attentively in the future, by leaving out crumbs for the birds, growing more plants and flowers, not killing creatures who come inside and recycling as much as you can for the sake of the environment.

The ring-sun and the ring-moon. My hair is like the Milky Way.

If you are interested in hooking a big one, begin by taking some ambergris (for the whale’s sake, you may use a synthetic version), a cassette tape of whale calls, and some shiny silver coins to the nearest natural body of water.

Attach a small crystal amethyst stone on a string (can be glued or drilled hole) and hang it around the neck of the puppy. Make sure this is done so it will not harm the creature. This powerful stone will help the puppy during house training to prevent accidents and damage to the home.

Set a couple light blue & light green candles on your altar & anoint them with a Mermaid Oil, here’s a recipe:* 2 drams Hazelnut Oil* 1 pinch of sea weed (Irish Moss)* 1 pinch of sea salt* 1 pebble* 1 sea shellWarm all ingredients, remove from heat & let cool. Pour into small bottles or jars.

You need to live near a body of water for this spell (like an ocean, sea or great lake). You might also like to incorporate the following ingredients which are sacred to Mermaids: sea salt, Sea Weed, Coral, Sea Shells, Sand, Natural Glass.

A spell to bring love to you. On a Friday night at high tide, take an apple and some cloves to the ocean. On the beach, stud the apple with the cloves, marking out the rune of love 3X’s. Now hold the apple in your power hand (the hand that you write with) and infuse it with your desire for love, saying these words or something similar… “Apple of love, cloves of fire, This is my need, my desire. With harm to none, As I will it, So shall it be done.” Throw the apple as far out into the sea as you are able. So shall it be.

A Puppet can be sewn to represent the malicious person. Fill it with earth (grave dirt if you can find it), rosemary, sage, a piece of smoky quartz and a piece of amethyst. Also enclose a piece of the person’s fingernails, a lock of hair, or another personal item. Handwriting can be enclosed if you have nothing else. Photos can be used also.

To create a hummingbird altar of love, place an image of a hummingbird as the focal point. Burn copal in front of the image while concentrating on and visualizing your desires.

Take a horseshoe and put it around a red candle. Put the candle in a darkened room in the middle of a table. Write what you want on a piece of paper with a quill pen dipped in black ink. Hold it over the candle with a pair of tweezers and let it burn.

In the same way that you extract honey from flowers, extract all misfortune and bad luck from my life.

You can touch a tree with both hands and ask for help you with that particular type of tree’s powers. You can carry a few twigs or burn wood to release the energies you are seeking.

In order to detect if a nest is abandoned, please observe in a timely manner if birds are using the nest and after a 2 month period feel free to take it. Taking a still populated nest will only bring negativity to the witch as it is an act of cruelty the same way an eviction will be regarded in our society.

Some days are more difficult than others. In addition to cleansing yourself and your home, magically cleanse your clothes from unpleasant vibrations.

Beware: The effects of this powerful spell could emotionally cripple the person you are directing it towards. Think long and hard before requesting the Snake-Eyes spell.

Now dab a bit of honey on the candle and wrap the ribbon around it. Hold it between your hands as you say (again three times) “From ribbon to candle The magic shall go From candle to astral The flame makes it so.”

This is a real love spell so don’t cast it unless you really mean it because it really works.

Enchant and empower your clothes as they go in the dryer. Imbue them with a special magical intent.

Now put a dab of honey on the ribbon and then on your tongue. As you taste the honey, say: “Honey, bring me the sweetness of love.”

Peyote is used to create amulets for love and romance. Similar to the lodestone, Peyote can be female or male in shape and character. Women need a male peyote and men need the female version. You will also need some ritual corn beer and red silk.


To build a beautiful garden of love and magic, the following herbs can be planted on a night when the Moon is full, daffodil, hibiscus, gentian, geranium, gardenia, coriander, basil, Adam and Eve, catnip, cherry, gentian, love seed, jasmine, lavender, poppy, valerian, vanilla, yarrow, willow, pansy, peppermint, lemon verbena, love seed, maidenhair, strawberry, thyme, hibiscus and hyacinth.

Haruspicy was the method the Etruscans used to read entrails of animal sacrifices in order to predict the future. The person performing the haruspicy was called a Haruspex. Tagetes is credited with teaching the Etruscans the art of haruspicy.

Find a spot in front of the tree and using a fallen branch or whatever is handy, draw a heart on the ground. In the center of the heart dig a small hole to insert the candle in. After placing your candle inside, fill in with soil to hold it securely in place.

Follow me Footprint Spell—————————-For this spell, you will need to pick up an entire footprint of the person you are attracted to. Step 1: Find the footprint of the one you are in love with.Step 2: Dig up the complete foot print of the person you care for deeply.Step 3: Now whisper over the footprint informing the feet that you wish to see them come to you.Step 4: Now bury the footprint sand or dirt under your front doorstep!

A stoat (Mustela erminea) uses playful cavorting to “cast a spell” on the rabbits.

You will need:-1 pomegranate-your energy-sun energy-moon energySpecial note: This spell is designed to help you form a deeper connection with your partner. It is said to work 99.99% of the time.

Dogbane: swings both ways – it can be used to remove deception or to create it, depending on which herbs you combine it with.

Garden or Flower Shop:Often used in love spells, this dirt has the tendency to make love sprout and grow roots, bud and blossom. Unless you’re playing for keeps, though, its inadvisable to add this dirt to your magic.

Deerstongue -one of the most widely used psychic herbs, it is fragrant, efficient and white magical in effect. Screens bad vibes.

This is another spell of shoe, it works to subdue the person you have in mind, whether male or female. You will need just a hair of the person. Wrap the hair in a small square of silk, by folding it once. Put it in your shoe and leave it there. The person will come to you soon and will give you the opportunity to make a favourable approach

Plant magic will have the desired result regardless of the strength of the caster, due to the fact the plants themselves have high levels of magical properties contained within.

Enemy’s Home:Granted, gathering this dirt is a bit trickier and may involve some skulking around to collect. But there’s no better way to cut your enemy off at the knees than to use dirt from his own home against him.

If you have a black cat or dog, you probably have plenty of this available to you on furniture, carpet, etc. (I speak from experience here). If you don’t, you might find a friend who does and see if they will let you have some of it for use in your magical workings. At worst, you might have to snip off a little from the animal, but thankfully that does no harm (unless it’s the middle of winter and you leave a bald patch—don’t do that).

Step 2 Bless a stone Get a rose quartz, the stone that represents love, and hold it in both hands. Visualize filling the quartz with white light as you think about the one you love and the spell you hope to put on them.

Ladies should be treated at respect guys cos they really valuable.

Gather everything near an open window where you can see the sky. Light the candle and incense, and find the brightest star in the sky. Hold the crystals in your hands and picture the star’s light filling them with energy.

The important qualities in a familiar are, patience, protectiveness, kindness, and to be loving.

I see, quite a few rip off reports from Dr Bones, I didn’t see all of this before I ordered the spell, I called Dr bones he did pick up, I gave him my name and he said he would call me back, in which he did he briefly talk to me about my situation he seemed very careless and carefree he quoted me a price had me email information and gave me his wife name to wire the money to LaCeiba Honduras, he did call to get the control number and that was basically the last time I heard from him, I’ve called him and even emailed him he will not return any calls or emails, I hope this report helps others to look the opposite way of this particular spell caster, he has no respect for working class people like myself or the American culture.

It is simple. If you exude positive energy into the universe, you attract the same degree of positive energy. Even a simple thought that you conjure up, is released into the universe as a form of energy and you attract the energy of the same intensity. For love magic to be successful, you must make sure that you are positive and sincere at it.

She is seen in many forms, most typically a mature woman dressed all in black. She is often seen with a pair of large black hounds (or a pack of dogs) , and sometimes riding a chariot drawn by dragons. Sometimes she is seen carrying a torch, or a pair of torches, through the dark. According to some Hecate uses this torch to guide her followers through the darkness.

Jail. Use this dirt to keep the police away from your door, especially if you are prone to trouble with them.

Black Dog SpellThis Break Up Spells uses a black dog or cat to effect the break-up by having them consume an egg. Start by feeding the two halves of a prepared hard boiled egg to a black dog or/and a black cat

There is one concept that underlies all work in plant spirit shamanism, which is that nature itself will tell you what they are used for and its well-stocked medicine cabinet is right in front of us every day.

Animal Ally Invitation Spell1. Choose a focal image for your altar, something that represents your ally for you. Use a toy, a photograph or an image. It is more crucial that it resonates strongly for you than that it be a literal depiction.

MUSHROOM CHARM TO PROCURE THE HEARTS DESIRE In wet weather walk over the fields and where the great white mushrooms rise up flat and wide, gather the greatest cup and carry it home.

You don’t have to use Graveyard dirt. You can use others.

Women resentful of family members whose laundry they must wash have been known to dissolve a tablespoonful of the commercial mineral salts known as Hot Foot or Crossing in the rinse water to “fix” their enemy’s socks. On the other hand, socks and stockings can be used to incite love-magic, too.

Another simple tree spell is to sit with your back against a strong tree when you’re tired out or are feeling ill. You sit until the bark pressing into your back no longer feels like pain, and you feel yourself sinking back into the tree’s flesh. Then feel the power of the earth being drawn up through the tree’s roots, nourishing not only the tree, but filling your body as wellLike the apple tree, the ash has love magic, as well, and one must only carry the leaves to attract a lover.

Setting: The first part of this spell should be cast in a natural setting where there is a tree you have a connection to. This should be a power spot; a place where you have built up your energy presence over time. The second part of the spell will be continued in your home.